Elemental Connect knows that businesses thrive by forming deep connections with their customers, their employees and their communities.

We provide connectivity solutions for mobile environments including rail, road and air, serving businesses who need to keep people on the move in contact with each other.

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Connectivity solution

Elemental Connect is offering a range of solutions to connect businesses with people on the move.

The E-Connect FALCON (Fast And Light CONnectivty) application is a new software defined mobile wireless router application that can switch between and aggregate multiple modems. Supporting the latest LTE Advanced networks and running on any appropriate hardware including low-cost ARM solutions, FALCON is flexible and highly configurable providing both redundancy and increased speed to vehicle passengers and operators.

With solutions ranging from private LTE networks to WiFi in remote locations, we also enable integration of proprietary systems management software with mobile applications.

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Passenger Services

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    WiFi Connectivity

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    Real Time CCTV Feed

Vehicle Connectivity

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    Fleet Management

  • Remote condition working

    Remote condition monitoring

  • Telematics


  • Security

    Safety & Security

Client services

Elemental Connect builds strong partnerships with its clients to deliver platforms that enable you to connect with your clients, employees and communities.

Experienced and dedicated account managers ensure that solutions to your most important connectivity challenges are delivered reliably, on time and cost-effectively.

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    Working with clients to ensure the specification of their communication networks meets their business needs.

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    We work with leading contractors in the transport and utilities sectors to ensure solutions are delivered safely and effectively.

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    Support and maintain

    As with all Elemental businesses, we support our clients throughout the journey in terms of discovery, development and delivery.


The technical team at Elemental Connect has a history of implementing disruptive technologies that move whole industry sectors to a new level in connectivity.

They’ve been involved in telecoms for more than 25 years, developing several relevant patents that enable transport and utility companies around the globe to connect with their customers, employees and suppliers.

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    System core

    At the core of the Elemental Connect system is a software defined mobile wireless router that can switch between and aggregate multiple modems. It supports the latest LTE Advanced networks.

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    The FALCON Application is hardware agnostic, running on devices like on-board proprietary railway radios and Raspberry Pis. FALCON will run on INTEL x86 and ARM based processors using a Linux operating system.

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    Two ended system

    The solution is two-ended, connecting to a mobile or field installation at one end and to a network management centre at the other end. Management is completely centralised with all functions available via the Core Router web interface.

  • Elemental Connect FALCON software

    To find out more about the FALCON application, download our PDF here

Who we are

A deep understanding of the evolution of telecommunications technology, coupled with visionary leadership in implementing connectivity solutions for rail and road passengers gives the Elemental Connect team a strong and powerful platform for developing the next generation of mobile connectivity solutions.

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    Committed service

    Everyone on the Elemental team is committed to delivering a reliable and secure connection between your business and your clients.

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    We partner with many organisations who share our values and enable us to deliver state of the art connectivity solutions on-time and on-budget.

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    Visionary Leadership

    We believe in pushing the boundaries of the possible, using our deep understanding of telecommunications technology to create innovative solutions that deliver the next generation of mobile connectivity

Our founders

Our founders, including Caleb Caroll and Bimal Shah, have been at the forefront of mobile connectivity for the transportation sector. With over 30 collective years experience, collaborating on more than 15 mobile communication patents to date, they have led the growth of Nomad Digital to become the leading provider of connected train services.

  • Caleb Caroll

    Caleb Caroll

    An inventor and system architect with broad experience in the RF industry. Caleb brings a deep understanding of mobile connectivity in the rail sector to Elemental Connect, based on his ground-breaking work on wireless data communication with Nomad Digital and Pathcom Wireless.

  • Bimal Shah

    Bimal Shah

    A qualified Chartered Accountant, who has spent the last 15 years establishing businesses at the forefront of technology, Bimal is a business builder with an in depth knowledge of the train communication marketplace from 5 years of running Nomad Digital with Nigel Wallbridge.